CardFortress provides secure payment information storage for PCI Compliance. CardFortress is gateway-independent, developer-friendly and competitively priced.

Card Fortress available for all Freeside customers

Card Fortress is available in production for all Freeside customers.

Using Card Fortress removes sensitive cardholder data from your database and stores it on Card Fortress infrastructure in PCI level 1 compliant data centers. Strong encryption is utilized during transmission and storage.

Test server now avaialble!

A test server is now online at

You can download the Business::OnlinePayment::CardFortress perl client which talks to it.

You can test with Freeside 2.1.0 or later. Turn on the business-onlinepayment-test_transaction config flag, put private_key.txt in /usr/local/etc/freeside/, and set the business-onlinepayment config option as follows:



CardFortress credit card storage launched!

Freeside users with a current support contract are invited to join our beta testing program.

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